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WoodTech Measurement Solutions
Jorge D. Kochanowski, Mario Angel, Ricardo Wechsler J.
Brewton – Santiago
USA – Chile
Audio, video, photography, CGI, motion graphics, Post.


With the help of T.R. Miller Mill Co., Inc. the entire project starting from the raw shooting of the video to the composition, recording & mixing of the music, this project was an exciting success. Producer Jorge D. Kochanowski and Mario Angel in cooperation with Ricardo Wechsler J. & Katrina Razon, brought this introductory video to life for WoodTech Measurements Solutions Company. This project was shot in Alabama and took several months to finish. Commissioned by WoodTech, this corporate video was part of the advertising crusade that attracted clients to the technology they developed. The video & music was produced & directed by Jorge D. Kochanowski in association with Mario Angel who is the sales representative of the WoodTech Company in the USA. This commercial video combines motion graphics & live-action scenes used to create this five minute promotional material. The finished result is a descriptive example of the capabilities & technology used in the real environment of the wood industry.